Plasma Biology

Energy is charge separation. This is not hard to observe upfront with material reality, in other words matter. Matter has both mass, and also the character of displacing space, this also therefore accounts for the charge separation we realize as gravity depending on Einstein.
Plasma itself is charge separation, and represents the electrical equivalent responsible for a lot more than 99% of the observed universe that people look out of our telescopes. Almost the entire observable universe is plasma.
Electromagnetic radiation(EMR) represents the second most abundant type of energy that we understand of, which is interchangeable with matter in the event the conditions are correct. EMR has four components along with the poles of those components will almost always be related to the other person in pairs. The negative part is usually with all the north magnetic field, and the positive part is obviously while using south magnetic field. Electrical charge comes with an associated magnetic field high exists an inherent instability in EMR as a result, and also this has expressed itself in creation.
The single living cell operates at its most fundamental level being an electron trap. A healthy, vibrant cell with all of its components operating adequately seeks to further improve its charge separation from the interactions of water, proteins, and to draw on the origin of electrons how the earth provides as being a gift. Incident radiation through the sun only potentiates this pull. click this site is like most of the rest with the universe, and comes with an obvious basis in plasma(charge separation).
All life organizes itself according to the way it interacts with water. Phospholipid membranes expose hydrophilic portions to water and hide hydrophobic portions far from water. Globular proteins themselves hide their hydrophobic portions far from water and expose only the hydrophilic amino acids. When the hydrophilic servings of a cellular component is subjected to water it structures it in a very crystal form, semi-conductor phase referred to as structured water. This water creates plasma like charge separation, ie. energy.
The electron trap model to the cell is simple. Structured water sucks up electrons, the associated positive charge beyond it sucks up electrons, the earth itself is highly negatively charged and it supplies electrons to the cell as the primary supply of charge separation. Life is a layered system of potentiating charge separation activated with the hording of electrons. It is what we do best... Energy!
Human skin is both acidic and positively charged. It is the single largest organ in the body. Most of the uptake of electrons into the is not from ingesting anti-oxidant vitamins from supplements or food, but transdermaly using your skin. The complexity on the skin is merely second most after your brain.
The positive charge on the skin attracts electrons from your earth. The structured water with the next lower layer also adsorbs them. The cells themselves pump in electrons consequently of their hydrophilic/hydrophobic layers. It is an onion like arrangement in a sense.
If you lack energy then its likely the flow has become interrupted? Understanding who and what you might be should enable you to fix this. And our life is nothing over the conscious capability to self arrange through the environment?
Not only your quality of life, but your ongoing continued existence depends upon the hidden unseen forces of plasma physics. These are special gifts from the environment. Abuse or ignore them at your own peril!
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